Full-stack web developer, Graphic designer

01/2005 - 04/2014

Experience and Goals Achieved:

  • Designing web-shop from scratch. PHP, MySQL, JQuery driven. Shop is designed so it can be configured in backend (categories, products, bills, colours, multiple output design) and easily over iframe with authentication included into own webpage.
  • XML, PHP, HTML and MySQL custom editor (backend/frontend) for customers (own site editing)
  • Multiple webpages: logo and frontend graphic design, full PHP custom sites with CSS3



I am founder of this project, which is divided in several layers.
First four layers were programmed completely by me, Visual Fox part was done with partnered company. Whole graphic design was also my idea and realization.

  • The first layer is for shop linking, editing colours, design and personal data.
  • The second layer is for managing : categories, products. Here user can easily create, upload predefined list (.xls) of products and categories. Interface stores data of uploaded file to MySQL database, creates new categories and links each product to 1 or more category.
  • The third layer lets owner edit bills and data, which will be visible on specific bill for shop customer.
  • The fourth layer (managing) lets shop owner manage each status of billing process (enquiry, order, shipping, payment, finalization and printing).
  • Final layer is for users who own Windows application for financial management of his company. Application is based in Visual Fox. It has multiple features: storage, stock, supply, demand, orders, invoices, barcodes, absorbing sheets, statements of account. Web shop bills are synchronized with Windows application.

Technologies used:

PHP, HTML, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, SOAP, MySQL, Mongo DB