Lead programmer and designer

01/2011 - 12/2012

Experience and Goals Achieved:


I Was Here

I am programmer (backend/frontend) for the main company web project, that also contains Android app, on which you can see nearby IWH locations, visitors to specific location, view and manage own visited,... Project is divided into multiple layers.

  • The first layer receives SMS over custom designed SMS server, analyses it contents, location, and possible existing sender. Then stores all gathered information into MySQL database and notifies user (SMS/USSD and email) successful `mark-up`. If it is new user, it generates link for registration.
  • The second layer (registration process) manages SMS and QRcode links. Generated code is processed to `registration engine`.
  • The third layer tourist community-user interface for tourists and organizations. Tourists can see and manage their visited locations, upload pictures, comment and see other people who also visited tourist location. Organizations can manage tourist notifying, ads, depending on bought package.
  • The fourth layer is for promoters and salesman of IWH points. They can manage clients, discount coupons and their selling balance.