T-2 L.L.C.

Developer, programmer

04/2013 - 06/2014

Experience and Goals Achieved:

  • Programming SOAP servers and clients for communication between parties and contractors
  • Panda Security registration and managing user licenses,
  • Telecom Slovenia main communication, ISP, FTTH, VDSL, xDSL connection registration, transfer and enquiry
  • Register.si communication - retrieving domain data, registering and managing hosts, user profiles, domain registration, transfer,...
  • Moneta - main communication pay by phone system
  • Server for telephone number transfer requests for other Slovenian ISP companies


Installers and employee

  • Programming backend for 'installers', administration and customer support
  • Managing installers locations, clients and personal timetable for new connections
  • Main timetable for managing employee holidays, sickness and other absence from work
  • Timetables are Excel driven -> import/export data from and to Excel sheet
  • Data analytics with charts and Excel export
  • IP based customer search (including dynamic IPs and subnet) and massaging (SMS and email) system for DDOS attacks, Sirefef/ZeroAccess virus and custom massaging.


  • Frontend / backend for domain registration (.si); for administration and clients
  • Managing domains (all records ie NS, A, AAA, CNAME, MX, ...)
  • Managing email: PHP to LDAP management (email, alias, mailbox size, transferring email, domainlist, ...)

Locating project

  • 911 calls (locating caller to 911 call and return data to 911 centre: name of caller, his location (Google lat/lon, gaussKruger x/y, static Google map and shapefile))
  • for locating missing persons (mobile phone tracking with retrieving last location based on antenna connection)


Some of smaller projects done for this company.

  • WiFi hotspot login (responsive design) for T-2 hotspots
  • Multiple cron scripts that run on daily basis
  • PHP coordinate system converter (Google maps, Gauss Kruger, GPS, Geo-Metatag) from input coordinates or address
  • Paypal payment system for ordering products and services